Crop losses are to be reported to the agency. Please contact Lori or Loren at 965-4200; or email them at the following addresses:

Lori Spooner –

Loren Johnson –


Prevent plant acreage needs to be reported to us within 72 hours of when you are prevented from planting. Be advised that peas & lentils, canola & mustard prevent plant must be reported sooner than the other crops because of their shorter late plant period.

Crop Insurance - Hail Stones


Report all crop claims to our agency within 72 hours of loss per unit (notice of damage) or No Later Than 15 Days After the End of Insurance Period. Destruction or harvest of crop also ends the insurance period.

Dry Peas Sept. 30
Corn (Silage) Sept. 30
Forage Oct. 15
Barley Oct. 31
Oats Oct. 31
Flax Oct. 31
Wheat Oct. 31
Safflowers Oct. 31
Canola Oct. 31
Mustard Oct. 31
Sunflowers Nov. 30
Corn (Grain) Dec. 10
Grain Sorghum Dec.10
Forage Seeding May 21
Soybeans Dec. 10