Brad Johnson Insurance has maintained a long tradition of serving the needs of our farm clients.  We have carriers that provide coverage for:

•     Buildings     •     Liability     •     Equipment     •     Autos     •     Dwellings     •     Multi-Peril Crop     •     Crop Hail     •

Farm Insurance Questions

Is the tractor inside my shop covered if my insured shop burns to the ground?  Contents of a building are covered if they are insured on the policy separately.  Contents are not covered just because they are in an insured building.

Does my insurance policy cover the cost to repair my combine if a rock is picked up while harvesting? Some carriers include this coverage and some carriers require it be endorsed on.  Check with an agent for the specifics of your carrier regarding this coverage.

Does my farm liability policy pay if someone gets hurt while helping me farm?  A farm liability is not the same as workers compensation (which is purchased through ND Workforce Safety & Insurance).   A farm liability policy usually includes medical payments with a lower limit.  Higher limits of the policy can be brought into the claim if the insured is negligent.  Many accidents occur without anyone being negligent.

Whose policy would pay if there is an accident when I am helping out my neighbor with farming operations?  Liability policies are for third party claims, so your own policy would not pay in the event of an injury to yourself.  When helping someone else, it would all depend on what type of coverage they have.

Do I have coverage on my policy if I use my brother’s tractor while mine is in the shop being repaired?  Coverage could come from borrowed equipment, which with some carriers needs to be added by endorsement.

At Brad Johnson Insurance, we understand farms & farm insurance! If you have questions we’ll be happy to answer them – just contact us!