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Auto Insurance Questions

Why is my premium so high? Auto insurance is very specific to each individual.  There are many factors that affect the premium, such as location, age, use, coverage levels, credit, driving record, multi-policy, and multi-vehicle, to name a few.   By talking to an agent individually, we will be able to explain what works for and against your situation.

Is my nephew covered while he is here driving my car for the summer months? Anyone can drive your car with your permission.  Keep in mind that accidents will follow the car, so your policy may be surcharged even if you are not the driver.  Drivers that operate vehicles regularly need to be added to the policy, and pass underwriting.

I backed into a pole with my car and 2 weeks later, I hit a pheasant driving down the highway.   I will have both areas of damage fixed at the same time; I will only have 1 deductible, right?   Wrong.  Separate incidents are separate claims and separate deductibles.  This situation involves both collision (backing into the pole) and comprehensive (hitting the pheasant).  Comprehensive deductibles and collision deductibles do not have to be the same.

What’s the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage?  Comprehensive losses may include such things as fire, theft, explosion, windstorm, hail, water, vandalism, contact with animal, & breakage of glass, things that you usually don’t have control over.  Collision losses include impact with another vehicle or object or rollover.

Am I covered if I rent a car while on vacation? In ND, coverage is included in an auto policy for renting a vehicle; however, this is not all inclusive of damages and expenses that may occur.  It is best to get specifics from an agent individually as to the pros and cons of the situation.

Am I covered for the expense of renting a car while my car is repaired in the shop?  Insurance carriers have optional coverage for renting a vehicle while it is in the shop getting repairs from a covered loss that you can purchase as an endorsement to your policy.

Home insurance 10Home Insurance Questions

Is my gun collection covered on my policy insuring my house?  Guns, along with a few other items, are covered on a limited basis for “theft” losses.   Carriers may vary on the limits they use.  It is a good idea to “schedule” gun collections on your policy, thereby eliminating or reducing your deductible and broadening your coverage.

Why do I need to insure for replacement cost and not market value?  Typically, policy provisions state that you need to insure for replacement cost because if you are not insured within the required percentage, you can be penalized in the event of a partial loss.

If the wind causes a large tree to fall in my yard, will my insurance policy pay for cleanup? Falling trees can be tricky.  It is common for carriers to require that there be damage to insured property in order for debris removal to kick in.

Have more questions about home & auto insurance? One of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be happy to answer your questions – just contact us!